Spring 2021 (Course 6)

I started off this term newly married and having just moved into a new home with my husband. There were many things to be grateful for and I was excited to see my classmates again and to work with Celeste for the first time. Unfortunately, before the course started I had a relapse of my… Continue reading Spring 2021 (Course 6)

Winter 2021 (Course 5)

Where to begin with this blog? This term has been rough. Our master’s program course was wonderful. Michael made the course accessible and interesting and fun. We dove into many interesting streams of thought on the place of the arts in our own culture and in other cultures, historically and in the present.  However, in… Continue reading Winter 2021 (Course 5)

Fall 2020 (Course 4)

The Fall of 2020 was a whirlwind. About a month before we went back to work in schools, the government decided to completely change the way that the schools would be set up. We would now be in a “cohort model”. For high school teachers, this meant being exposed to an entire class of students… Continue reading Fall 2020 (Course 4)

Spring 2020 (Course 3)

In the Spring of 2020, we had Michael Ling’s “Thinking in Sound” class. By this point in the year, COVID 19 restrictions, lockdowns and disappointments were becoming our new reality and Zoom class was starting to feel somewhat normal. As the weather improved, more and more of us were taking our laptops outside and sitting… Continue reading Spring 2020 (Course 3)

Winter 2020 (Course 2)

The second course of our program offered us our first encounter with Lynn Fels. She made an immediate impression on me. Her dynamic personality, her humour and her ability to empathize deeply with others make her an incredible professor. We spent very little time sitting in chairs. Instead, we were on our feet doing drama… Continue reading Winter 2020 (Course 2)

Fall 2019 (Course 1)

I began the Masters of Arts Education at SFU with excitement and a bit of trepidation. I had heard wonderful things about the program and the instructors, but starting any new learning adventure comes with a bit of nervous energy.   To say that my first course in the program was an incredible experience would… Continue reading Fall 2019 (Course 1)